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The Road to Mastery – How to Master Project Management (or anything else!)

Road to Mastery

Ever wanted to master project management, or anything else? At ProjectPro we are in the business of helping you master #change through #ProjectManagement #coaching and #training. We believe this is an important, nay essential, competency because when you master change, you take the driving seat to steer your own destiny.

Your likelihood to come out on top and experience professional success and personal achievement significantly increases if you are able to navigate the changes which life, business or even murphy throw at you.  So that being said, the question is then posed “ well how do you master something”? How do you master Project Management?

Well, it has been said that #mastery is not about how OFTEN or MUCH you practice, but HOW you practice. The saying “practice makes perfect” should rather be changed to read “ perfect practice makes perfect”. In other words, practice as a well-intended, dedicated activity does not, by itself, make for perfection.

Researchers and authors such as KA Ericsson, M Gladwell, DZ Hambrick and G Campitelli[1] each hold their own views as to the constituting elements necessary for mastery. We at ProjectPro will not attempt to unpack, refute or propose alternative elements. We are however convinced that your chances of improving towards mastery, is much better if you follow the following process[2].

7 Step process:

  1. Establish well-defined, specific goals. Have a #goal of what you plan to accomplish. A SMART objective. Otherwise, how will you know if you reached it?
  2. Break your task/goal down into smaller parts and make a practice plan. Eat the elephant bite by bite. The concept of #microlearning is extremely helpful here.
  3. Focus! Give each small part its full attention. You will not master something by multi-tasking. It’s like playing piano: practise the right hand separately, then the left, and only then attempt to play with both hands!
  4. Surround yourself by a likeminded #community. The positive impact of a supportive peer group is well documented by world leaders such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Like the saying goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together!”
  5. Get a mentor who is more advanced than you. Practicing the wrong way will only make you master it the wrong way. An expert outsider can see your errors and help correct them. Get a Jedi Master to teach you the way of the force!
  6. Stretch yourself and stay out of your comfort zone. No one ever improved by doing what they already knew. Go one step away from your current ability to stretch your expertise.
  7. Maintain your motivation. Motivation is mastery’s fuel. Maintain inventory of WHY you want to improve and what will be the BENEFITS thereof. Make it easy for yourself and remove barriers which discourage you.

So ask yourself:

  • Do you know which knowledge, skills and behaviours you require to master change?
  • Do you have access to #microlearning courses to help you train and grow in Project Management?
  • Do you have a supportive community to coach, support and cheer you on your way?

Join our community and allow ProjectPro to coach you in mastering change through project management coaching and training.

[1] Deliberate practice: Is that all it takes to become an expert? (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0160289613000421 )

[2] Mastery Is About How You Practice, Not How Often (https://www.inc.com/ken-sterling/the-6-ways-to-master-skills-with-deliberate-practi.html )

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