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While technical skills are core to project and program management, PMI research tells us they’re not enough in today’s increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace.

Companies are seeking added skills in leadership and business intelligence — competencies that can support longer-range strategic objectives that contribute to the bottom line.

The ideal skill set — the PMI Talent Triangle® — is a combination of technical, leadership, and strategic and business management expertise — and more recently, digital skills, emphasizing how digital transformation is impacting every aspect of our work.

What this means to project and program talent — what this means to you — is a focus on developing the additional skills you need to meet the evolving demands on your profession. But in doing so, it also means new opportunities to elevate your value as a strategic partner in business success.

In our professional reality of technological disruption, organizations need project leaders with an ability to learn and keep pace with technology.

The PMI Talent Triangle depicts the employer-identified skills which PMI certification holders need to remain relevant in a continually changing business environment.

The Talent Triangle comprises:

Technical Project Management

The knowledge, skills and behaviours related to specific domains of Project, Program and Portfolio Management. Examples are:

  • Requirements gathering techniques
  • Project controls and scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Scope management
  • Agile tools and techniques


Knowledge, skills and behaviours specific to leadership-oriented skills that help an organization achieve its business goals. Examples are:

  • Knowledge, skills and behaviours specific to motivating and guiding others
  • Ability to articulate a vision and guide or influence others to help achieve that objective
  • Negotiation, communication, motivation, problem solving, and conflict resolution

Strategic and Business Management.

Knowledge of, and expertise in, the industry or organization that enhances performance and better delivers business outcomes. Examples are:

  • Ability to connect the dots between your work and target organisational strategy to drive project outcomes
  • Understanding of overall business context
  • Product knowledge, industry knowledge,
  • business acumen, innovation strategy alignment, market strategy alignment, differentiation strategy alignment, customer strategy alignment
  • finance, marketing, etc.

Staying current on these topics can be done by earning earning PDUs in the following ways:

  1. Attend education courses or classes in-person or online
  2. Attend a Web Event
  3. Create Articles and Presentations
  4. Watch On-Demand Webinar Recordings
  5. Informal Learning
  6. Read Articles
  7. Volunteer

For more detailed information on CCR visit  http://www.pmi.org

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