Mokopane the fifth Spar Supermarket to go solar through the Sun Exchange
October 28, 2020
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December 1, 2020
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Solar Energy: Crowd funding for Solar Projects

Solar energy is not new. Crowd Funding is also not new…but have your heard of the Sun Exchange?

As their website explains, the Sun Exchange is the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing platform. On its investment platform investors (seed capital) and clients (investment opportunities) meet allowing solar projects, which would otherwise not have “seen the light”, to receive funding and proceed to implementation.

The Sun Exchange, founded in 2014, delivered its first prototype project in 2016. By Feb 2017 the Sun Exchange had 1500 registered platform members and by late 2018 it had 6000 members and 7 completed projects. At the time of writing this article the Sun Exchange is busy with their 38th project, the Mokopane SPAR ( ).

solar energy

So what is the Sun Exchange?

The Sun Exchange fulfils numerous functions such as technical feasibility assessment, capital costing, revenue estimation, risk mitigation, project management, revenue collection and profit distribution. It does all of this in order to present technically sound and financially viable investment opportunities to you on an online platform.

It utilises cutting edge blockchain coding to manage fractional ownership, revenue collection and payment distribution. Like its more traditional and better-known counterpart, the Stock Exchange, the Sun Exchange provides the governance and processes to ensure that solar investment opportunities are given their “spot in the sun” by allowing fractional investment on a large scale.

Each project is thoroughly vetted and is released onto the market in IPO-style with a thorough prospectus with all the technical, legal and commercial elements explained. Through Sun Exchange, anyone, anywhere in the world, can own solar energy-producing cells and build wealth by leasing those cells to power businesses and organisations in emerging markets, with installations and maintenance taken care of by one of Sun Exchange’s installation partners.

Like their motto reads, it is now possible to “Earn from the Sun”. For more information go to their website

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