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Seize your time and invest in your most precious asset – YOU!

Seize the Day

Most of us want to get the year 2020 behind us as quickly as possible. 2020 was the year that caught everyone by surprise and literally made the world stop! Many people have suffered loss and almost everyone I meet use similar words along the line of “the lost year”.

Seize your time

One might be tempted to try and simply erase 2020 as if it did not exist and wish to start 2021 from a blank, new, fresh page. “Let’s just get to Christmas and pray that the new year will bring restoration, healing and hope…all those things which 2020 took away from us.”

Although the aforementioned thinking and its accompanying articulation sounds acceptable on the surface, it is actually a foolish utterance! The saying goes that “sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose”, and therefore we might be tempted to apply this to 2020 and the remaining time of this year. 2020 was the year in which we lost, so let’s get it over so that we can “try again” in 2021!

“Sometimes you win, but sometimes you LEARN”

Well I have news for you! As John Maxwell said when he altered the saying: “sometimes you win, but sometimes you LEARN”…you will be missing out on very valuable lessons if you are simply skimming over 2020 and the lessons that it brought for you.

Furthermore, if you don’t reflect on 2020 and deliberately take the lessons into 2021, you will simply be allowing yourself to make the same mistakes again! You need to PLAN 2021 and make sure you LEARN and move FORWARD in 2021.

Therefore, use the remaining time in 2020 to:

  • Reflect back on each month of 2020 and write down the GOOD, but also the BAD
  • Review your comments and ask yourself: What positive lesson can I take from each of the comments (both GOOD and BAD)?
  • Summarise your lessons and place them beside 2021’s calendar
  • Look at the 2021 calendar and divide/allocate the lessons of 2020 into each of the 12 months
  • Now write down for each of the weeks of each month, what you can do in that week to turn that month’s lesson into an actionable, positive investment. What can you DO to make the lesson a reality for that week, for that month? How will you make sure that you reap the maximum benefit from that lesson in that week?

This is not an easy assignment! It is not a quick assignment! BUT it is, guaranteed, the best assignment to end 2020 off with, and plan 2021 with.  PLAN AHEAD:

  • Predetermine Your Course of Action
  • Lay Out Your Goals
  • Adjust Your Priorities
  • Notify Key Personnel, People or Partners
  • Allow Time for Acceptance
  • Head into Action
  • Expect Problems
  • Always Point to Your Successes
  • Daily Review Your Progress[i]

Join our “SEIZE the DAY” time planning course to learn more about HOW to make the most of every day…especially with 2021 around the corner!


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