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February 26, 2021
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News Flash: ProjectPro and VBKOM are moving closer together

All of us entered into 2021 with the hope that the new year will magically be different from the historical, COVID-plagued, locked-down 2020. Somehow, we wished that things would just become better by themselves. We now need to face up to the reality that only we can work ourselves out of our current situation. 2021 calls for hope, work, application, perseverance and patience.

ProjectPro is now firmly part of the greater VBKOM engineering family, which means greater influence and a wider reach. Yes, some of the branding might change, and content will also move towards more engineering related subjects. But what will not change, is that we are here to help, motivate and train you for tomorrow…no matter if you are in Project Management or Engineering!

Regards the VBKOM and ProjectPro Team

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