Changes in Society
Changes in Society
May 7, 2020
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May 22, 2020
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New Needs of Society

With change, have you thought about what the new needs of society will require from you?

At ProjectPro Management Services Pty Ltd, we are in the business of offering tailored coaching and mentoring. We believe in unlocking true potential by imparting knowledge and skills to help grow competency.

VBKOM and ProjectPro embarked on a mentoring journey in Kahtu in the Northern Cape in ConstructionProject Management.

Subsequently during this period, we wanted to mentor SMME’s to help grow and give them a better understanding of the following:

  • What the SMME company owner’s roles and responsibilities are;
  • Secondly what the Construction Project Management cycle looks like in order to make better decisions; and
  • To establish growth for that SMME We tried to make the mentorship programme relevant to what the project managers are experiencing currently, and how the needs of societychanged in terms of how projects need to be managed.

Herewith the opinion from Siphokazi Garane, who formed part of this mentorship programme. She is currently managing Refbee’s site at Khumani. Are you making the best decisions for your projects?

Join our communityand discover a tailored coaching and mentoring programme to help you grow.

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