What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the answer to continuous development in a tight-budget-over-stressed-highly-congested lifestyle! Microlearning delivers knowledge transfer in small, highly focused chunks.

The key differences between conventional learning and microlearning is, (a) length, (b) focus and (c) cost, which by its very name implies that microlearning is delivered in minutes, single topic oriented, practical and very affordable.

Why do we believe in Microlearning?

At ProjectPro we believe Microlearning is the right solution for our time! The latest research shows that we learn better and retain information better when we study in short, focussed bursts.

This approach also fits better into our tight, stressed lifestyles making microlearning not only more timewise, but also helps us continue growing on a tight budget. The reduced learning size also increases learner engagement and minimises learning fatigue.

What can you expect from a ProjectPro Microlearning course?

When signing up for a ProjectPro microlearning course you can expect a fun, practical, case-study-based approach to the subject matter. The topic will be covered in 3 hours or less and presented by a professional packed with examples, videos and value-adding take-aways.
In short, you will be getting great value for your time and money.

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