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Living in the age of (amazing) electric – Hummer using virtual reality in new development


The first ever, all-electric HUMMER EV super truck is launched by GMC!

Automakers, General Motors, has developed the world’s first ever all-electric super truck, the 2022 HUMMER EV in record time.

The GMC crew revolutionised electric vehicles with a nearly silent all-electric propulsion system. The HUMMER EV offers 1000 horsepower, that bids the trill of accelerating from 0 to 100km in about 3 seconds. The innovation does not stop there, the HUMMER EV offers drivers a drive assistance feature they’ve coined “Super Cruise”. This feature presents next-gen hands-free driving with automatic lane changing on compatible roads. It is engineered with Segment-Exclusive 4-Wheel Steering that enhances overall maneuverability.

The Detroit-based assembly workshop fits each HUMMER EV with Ultium battery- and driving units that maximise power storage to reach an estimated range of 560 kilometers. The charging unit fitted to this vehicle; 800 Volt DC fast charging; allows the driver to charge to a range of nearly 160 km in just 10 minutes.

The radical innovation continues when taking the HUMMER EV off the beaten path, with “off-road dominance engineered into every aspect of the GMC HUMMER EV,” stated by GMC. The HUMMER EV offers customizable drive modes for optimal balance for on and off-road performance. One of these drive modes includes a first of its kind Extract Mode, that activates an Adaptive Air Ride Suspension, which adds an approximate 15cm clearance, making it possible to go over previously insurmountable obstacles. A revolutionary new setting called “Crab Walk” allows the driver to maneuver out from even the toughest of spots: the HUMMER EV can drive diagonally.

“It’s innovation engineered to ensure domination.”

The GMC crew created a vehicle that delivers an unheard-of combination of innovation and luxury.

This super truck does not only offer a super-engineered driving experience, but also a luxurious build that delivers an enveloping open-air design with an industry-leading Infinity Roof fitted with modular sky panels.

This remarkable feat of engineering was done entirely by remote teams.

Michael McBride, global director of GM’s design business operations, which includes immersive technologies, said the company moved quickly to increase investment and availability in such technologies (virtual reality) early in the pandemic. GM duplicated traditional work stations for employees at their homes. It’s a process he expects the company to continue using on future vehicles with or without a global pandemic.

General Motors harnessed virtual reality to cut development time for their 2022 GMC Hummer EV. With this development, they have set the trend within the automotive industry, with most, if not all, major automakers finding new ways of working remotely using technology. Virtual product testing; which combines computers, machines and virtual operators; has reformed the way automakers across the globe will, and are, developing new vehicles.

From a Project Management point of view, automotive projects are typically very complex. It requires the project manager to have a strong foundation routed in engineering within the automotive field.  The project manager within the automakers industry is responsible for ensuring all activities from inception to delivery flows together harmoniously.  By harnessing virtual reality technology; managing the processes, managing people and managing outcomes on a global scale will become much easier.

GMC has set the new age of (amazing) engineering, technology and project management.

Read the full article published by CNBC here (https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/08/automakers-use-virtual-reality-to-cut-the-development-time-for-vehicles-like-the-hummer-ev.html)

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