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August 11, 2020
Product or Project Success Success Series:
August 18, 2020
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Microlearning: keep learning and growing with limited budget.

Microlearning: keep learning and growing with limited budget. As the modern world is changing, we need to constantly evolve with it. But when you have a limited budget, e-learning initiatives can be challenging.

You either don’t have the time or budget to enroll in college courses or to purchase high-quality learning solutions. But with the right amount of planning, there is a way to continue constantly learning and growing.

In this video, we will lead you through a few steps that will make finding the right learning resource/program for you a little bit easier.

Step 1: Determine your growth potential and evaluate shortcomings.
Step 2: Gain knowledge without breaking the bank
Step 3: Involve Key Players

If you have not seen the previous video about Microlearning please go check it out on ProjectPo’s website. I think you will definitely get a few answers you are looking for.

Rome was not built in one day. Do not fear small beginnings, fear not beginning at all!

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