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COVID-19: Working from Home


Although none of us would wish for a pandemic to strike, the global pandemic has forced everyone to relook their perspectives, lifestyles, and even their routines! Even our work spaces have changed and some of us will be working from home.

This might be an uncomfortable change which is thrust upon us, because what worked before, must most likely be adapted in order to still be effective. Change is inevitable… and it does not help resisting chance. There is only one way: acceptance. We must become change-fit and embrace the power of positive change! We must overcome our fears and become the master of a new way of work.

Therefore to help you in these interesting and challenging times, find 5 tips to help you working from home:

Tip 1: Maintain a Routine

We are creatures of habit and when our routine is suddenly disrupted, we go through several emotions such as helplessness, despair, anger, and frustration. In order to get back control, you’ll have to mimic your previous routine as close as possible.

For those who have kids, keeping the same routine will be critical for your children; otherwise, they will perceive time at home as if it were time off and not be motivated to learn. This will make it harder for you to help them stay on track in finishing their school work.

Tip 2: Don’t Use Extra Time to Work

One of the biggest mistakes people do when they work from home is to work more. Many do it because they feel guilty that they are working remotely and don’t want their boss or co-workers to think they are slacking off, or they don’t know what to do with the extra time and, as a result, use the time to “catch-up”. Create time boundaries and use that extra time to do something else.

Tip 3: Use Video Chat

For many of us, in-person contact is important because we are able to read social cues when talking with someone. When we work from home, our in-person contact with co-workers disappears; as such, it becomes important to see the people you talk to. Try to use the video function of Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, and other programs.

Tip 4: Take Breaks

Being in the office lends itself to chit chat with co-workers. Someone comes around and asks if you want to go grab a coffee or asks you to go for a walk. That clearly will be hard to do if you’re now working remotely but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take breaks throughout the day. Taking breaks will be critical to your sanity but also make sure you rest your eyes from sitting in front of the computer.

Tip 5: Move Around

At this time, we don’t know how long this pandemic will last and chances are we will be home longer than we want. So take a step back and look at your home. Ask yourself, “if this space were a We Work or Coffee shop, where would I want to sit throughout the day?” Even if you live in a small space, moving your chair from one place to another will give the brain the perception that you are now in a new space. Obviously, this would be applicable to those working on a laptop.

Leave a comment and tell us if these tips for working from home as helped you stay effective.

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