Product or Project Success Success Series:
August 18, 2020
Success Series: What it takes to be successful within Project Management.
August 25, 2020
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Content Rich Learning

We took a journey to show you how your words and destiny can unlock your potential inside yourself and, within the society leading you to success.

Furthermore, we looked at the different forms of learning:

Traditional, Informal and Lifelong Learning and looked at the differences of Traditional and Contemporary learning

We offer content rich courses with a variety of:

Videos and Narrations

Can be access anytime

Case Studies

The case studies presented are intended to provoke thinking about what ideas from best practice might be applicable.

These include considering:

– new ways of taking the learning to the learner

– develop learner persistence

– links with their projects that can help to provide better opportunities for them.

Learning Management System (LMS) – Covering all the learning needs

Connects Face-to-face by hosting virtual training sessions. Integrate with videoconferencing tools like Teams, Zoom, and keep your training personal. 

Easy Access

Learners can easily access training on their schedule. No matter the device, operating system, or connection stability.

Assessments and quizzes

Instant quiz results and assessments.


There is much value for facilitators in routinely undertaking evaluation of training.

More importantly to provide measurable outcomes to test the soundness of the training and to gain understanding.

Feedback from participants helps us to build changes to our delivery with a view to enhancing the learner experience and making training more suitable for the target groups.

Good program evaluation can provide results that improve the understanding of the outcomes for groups of learners and courses.

Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring has a role to play in supporting learners to finish courses.

The mentoring relationship can extend into the workplace and has been shown to help overcome some of the early challenges of transition to work leading to sustaining employment and career.

We offer our learners

  • Inviting and supportive environments that help them feel comfortable.
  • Training that builds skills.
  • Flexible learning environments that provide useful learning relevant to their requirements.
  • Mentors who can support them to achieve their aims and aspirations
  • Access to appropriate support services that help to reduce the barriers to learning.
  • Timely career advice to assist them with transition pathways and give purpose to their learning.

Our Facilitators

  • Deliver clearly structured training using methods that suit the skill of the learners.
  • Use curriculum linked to the real-life demands of learners’ lives.
  • Work with learners to identify their learning interests and appropriate assessment procedures.
  • Support learners by identifying their learning needs and respond to these in the course.
  • Provide flexible course design and delivery.
  • Embed literacy into other learning as appropriate to support learner achievement
  • Provide next steps for learners to engage in higher levels of education and training.

Our courses blending Traditional, Informal, Contemporary and Lifelong learning proved to be a success and evolving, attesting to this is our successful candidates who passed on their first try!

Congratulations to you All.

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