The Construction Management Mentoring Programme is an online programme delivered by a SACPCMP registered Construction Mentor. The programme aims to impart knowledge, skills and experience mentoring. It provides a practical overview of the construction management life cycle, with an emphasis on continues organisational and individual improvement. The Maturity Assessment utilises the internationally accepted Capability Maturity Model, as applied within Build Environment, to provide the mentee with in-depth knowledge of their current level of construction management maturity. Together the candidate will discover where he/she is at present and which areas require development.

The post-assessment engagement empowers the mentee to strategically plan and execute organisational growth and individual development in support of tangible construction management performance improvement.

The Construction Management Mentoring Programme follows a formal curriculum and is structured in six (6) virtual sessions, interspersed with face-to-face mentoring, reading and self-assessment events. Enrolled candidates receive access to the ProjectPro on-line learning platform where course material can be downloaded, and knowledge assessments be undertaken.
ProjectPro offers a one-day equivalent (i.e. 8 contact hours) Construction Management Maturity Assessment for SMME owners and individuals within the Construction Industry. The assessment is based on the internationally accepted Capability Maturity Model as applied within the construction sector. The content of the course includes basic knowledge transfer (i.e. theory), a maturity assessment questionnaire, video content, and face-to-face mentoring sessions all covering the following topics:
  • Overview of construction industry
  • Concept of Organisational and Individual growth process
  • Construction Management Life Cycle overview covering:
    • Initiation phase
    • Planning phase
    • Execution phase
    • Monitoring phase
    • Closing phase
  • Real scenario examples for each phase
The maturity assessment programme is based on over 15 years of experience within the construction and project management environment, and is led by a certified SACPCMP Construction Mentor.
The assessment will provide invaluable insight and reflection on the current state of the SMME’s business and management. Whether the individual is starting his/her career or well advanced in construction, this assessment will revolutionise their thinking on strategic growth and development within the construction industry.

Construction Management Maturity Assessment and Mentoring (CMMA&M)


Who Should Apply?

The Construction Management Maturity Assessment is at heart a SMME mentoring programme.
The programme is designed to assess and provide insight into the current maturity level of any small to medium sized construction company, as based on the 5 levels of capability maturity.
This programme is intended for any owner of an SMME construction company, or any construction manager wishing to understand how they can improve their on-site performance on any and all aspects of the Construction Lifecycle.

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