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May 7, 2020
Mastering Personal Change
May 7, 2020
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Changes Failures

We have all heard about change failures of both big and small companies. We have attached an article hereto that explores these change failures. Do you understand how ProjectManagementskills can help you to better deal with change? At ProjectPro Management Services Pty Ltd we are in the business of helping you master change through project management training and coaching. Join our community and allow ProjectPro to coach you in dealing with change through Project Management.

Herewith below is a Case Study

Case Studies in Companies failing to change

At ProjectPro we are in the business of helping you master change by training and coaching you in project management skills. We believe that you can and must master change, because change is everywhere, it is inevitable, and it cannot be stopped. It is best you accept this fact and empower yourself to prosper. Because when you choose to ignore the warning signs, or you fail to notice the change around you, you might find yourself obsolete and out of step with the needs of your environment (or your next employer!).

Examples of Change Failures:

Our recent corporate history provides us with some great examples where companies and its leadership either (i) failed to acknowledge the change around them, or (ii) failed to properly adapt their strategies to change with the market. Here we think of:

  • Kodak and Polaroid’s lethargy to move from the business of paper-based photo imaging to digital imaging1,2
  • BlackBerry’s meteoric rise but subsequent failure to match the visionary leaps of Apple and Google3, which led to its equally rapid decline.
  • MySpace as the once online social giant, being overtaken by Facebook 4.
  • General Motor’s failure to innovate compounded by ignoring its competition, which led to the 100-year-old company filing for bankruptcy5.

How to deal with change:

If we as individuals want to better deal with change, we would be wise to heed the lessons contained in Spencer Johnson’s international best seller book “Who moved my cheese”. Look out for our next article for more details on this book.

Until then, ask yourself:

  • Are you aware of the changes leading to a Project Economy and the skills sets required to survive?
  • Do you understand how project management skills can help you better deal with change?

Join our community and allow ProjectPro to coach you in dealing with change through project management.

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