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May 26, 2020
May 29, 2020
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Do you have the Authority to Change? Do you know what this authority looks like?

If you have been following our online conversation, you will know that we have been talking about

  • the inevitability of change, and
  • the need to constantly adapt to stay relevant.

We have also spoken a lot about self-improvement. Last week my colleague spoke about being #competent, and the three legs of competence which are: knowledge, skills and experience.

Irrespective of the industry that you operate in, gaining a recognised certification is one of the sure ways to let your peers know that you are not only competent in Project Management. But you are certified. Giving you the authority to manage change in the projects that you run.

Let us have a look at 2 such certifications.

PMI, the Project Management Institute in the United States, have their globally recognised and highly regarded PMP, the Project Management Professional.

If you operate in the Built Environment sector in South Africa, you may have to register with the SACPCMP, the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions.

ProjectPro offers preparation workshops for both these certifications. Further details regarding the content and pricing can be viewed on our website.  

Join us next time when we will discuss why being part of a community is important for your Professional Development.

Watch Our Video Regarding The Authority To Change
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