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May 22, 2020
May 29, 2020
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AGILE – A discussion

Agile is the new buzz word…What does it mean?

Without getting into the Project Management jargon and definitions, let us just explore the word on a personal and organisational level.

In its simplest form, being agile means being nimble and adaptable. It implies not being rigid, but being flexible, bendable. In other words, not allowing circumstances or obstacles to deter you.

It also implies knowing your goal/destination and not getting stuck an route. Being agile means being responsive and making decisions. Thus, there is a strong element of self-management and self-organisation in being agile.

Being Agile embraces the philosophy of falling forward. Being Agile does not mean you will not make mistakes, but rather that you make mistakes, learn from it and get over it…move on, move forward! Being Agile means not beating yourself up but trying again and iterating yourself out of the problem to a solution.

So, let us get personal:

As organisation, how agile are you? Are your people empowered to take decisions? Do they know their goals and can make changes to get you there?

On a personal level, how agile are you? How agile and nimble are your thoughts? Do you shrink back in the face of adversity, or are you flexible to let go and try another angle?

Watch our video on Agile discussion

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