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February 26, 2021
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A new season for PMP training…enter the ATP and PMI-content

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the global professional association of choice for professionals in the Project Management field…and the PMI’s Project Management Professional (‘PMP’) accreditation is the top, global certification for project management practitioners.

Changes have been implemented from 2 January 20212, and not only has the PMP certification and exam changed, but also the training providers delivering the training.

The new PMP exam is better structured to speak to the diverse requirements which project managers of today face, namely:

  • PEOPLE required knowledge and skills – being able to lead a project team effectively.
  • PROCESS required knowledge and skills – being able to both know and apply the technical aspects of managing a project.
  • BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT required knowledge and skills – being able to manage and deliver upon the interplay between projects and organisational strategy.

PMP-related training may also only be provided by PMI-registered Authorised Training Partners (or ‘ATP’) using PMI-prescribed turn-key content from 2 January 2021. This means that training companies such as ProjectPro may not use its historical or own PMP-training content anymore. Training companies must by the new prescribed and licensed content from PMI, and may only use that.

What does this mean for future Project Management Professional candidates?

Firstly, expect PMP training to become more expensive from a South African Rand perspective. More of the course content and prices are now US dollar linked.

Secondly, scrutinise the training providers if they are ATP-registered. Make sure you only train under newly accredited PMI personal trainers. Even the trainers themselves need to be PMI certified!

Thirdly, know that the new PMP certification is aligned to the latest Project Management trends and practices as required by the industry, such as leadership, EQ and agile. It is a world leading accreditation!

Fourth and lastly, take comfort in the fact that the PMP accreditation is worth every cent. Global research showed that not only is it the most widely known global Project Management Certification, but holders of the PMP title also earn more (up to 25% more!) than non-PMP holders.

ProjectPro has been a PMI Registered Education Provider #3618 for more than 10 years and is awaiting its new ATP license. We are committed to the new direction of the PMI and will inform you as soon as our ATP license is confirmed! Expect only the best from ProjectPro: we link vision to reality!

Visit our website for more information on our Credential Courses.

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