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Turning Vision into Reality for 3 Steps

Turning Vision into Reality for 3 Steps: Last week I discussed the difference between Leadership and Management. I think by this point we can all agree on the importance of leadership in project management. As project leaders it is important for us to create a vision for our project and our team to help them move forward and position them with the best chance of success.

Great leadership after all is the capacity to follow through and turning vision into reality.

These three steps will help you transform your vision into reality:

1. See it clearly.

It starts with two simple words: goal clarity. If the end result appears fuzzy to you in any way, then you will struggle to accomplish it. Most people simply do not spend enough time defining what “success” really looks like. There are two ways to mentally make a plan for climbing the metaphorical mountain:

Option 1: Stand at the bottom and look up. Scary, is it not? The mountain looms ominously with the summit densely shrouded in fog. You can hardly see past the very first step.

Option 2: Stand at the top of the mountain, look back down, and ask the question, “What steps did I take to get here?”

Looking back down the mountain from the summit gives you the goal clarity you need. See it before it happens and find your motivation within that clear vision.

2. Believe it passionately.

You must also strongly believe in your endeavour. Passionate beliefs give you a sense of purpose, dedication, direction and endurance. You must be passionate enough to justify the countless hours it would take to accomplish your vision.

As Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

3. Pursue it aggressively.

To make the leap from vision to reality, you not only need to have an action plan, but you need to have discipline as well. An action plan is the step by step process that will help you achieve your objectives, and without discipline, nothing will ever happen. It is what will get you started, carry you through the low points, and enable you to finish strong.

So, to recap: Vision paints the picture. Passion fuels the fire. But action alone brings your goals to life. The good news is that when the vision is clear and when the belief is passionate, then the action becomes a joy – not a chore.


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