ProjectPro Management Services is a South African-based institute of project management training and consulting organisation that is dedicated to enhancing project management and the status of the project management profession through delivery of accredited project management services and training solutions.

Everyone lives in a world where change in inevitable. Change is all around us. Change can be daunting and stressful, but at ProjectPro we do not subscribe to such a narrative. We believe that you only fear something if you don’t understand it and don’t know how to handle it.

ProjectPro believes that everything around us, and even in us, is constantly changing. We can see that the rate of change is higher than ever. All this confirms that we are living in a project economy where change is the new norm. But why allow it to engulf you?

ProjectPro is more than a training company. At ProjectPro we strive in helping individuals and companies write their own destinies. To become “change literate” and to master change through competence and community.

ProjectPro® is an institute of project management that specialises in this field.

Our Services Include:


Project management training from novice level through to advanced level

Customised Training

Customised in-house training from half-day motivation sessions to five day in-depth courses



Project management consulting, reviews facilitation, and kick-off sessions

Time & Stress Management

Personal time and stress management, efficiency and effectivenes

Coaching and Mentoring

Virtual coaching and mentoring for SMME’s and individuals in the Project Management and Built Environments

Support Tools

Enterprise Project Management
(Methodology and support tools)

The importance of Project Management today

We cannot stop change, and we better not ignore it. Because to ignore it means to stop moving. And stopping means falling behind. If we stand still long enough, we might just find ourselves as obsolete anachronisms: out of touch with our fellow humans and irrelevant to the needs of our society.

So what is the alternative? There is only one: we need to embrace change on a personal as well as a professional level. We need to become “Change Literate”! Being “Change Literate”, means to constantly learn and grow. On a personal level it means growing in new knowledge, new skills, new tools and acquiring the authority to manage the change.

On a corporate level it means becoming nimbler, more agile and more “change fit”.

The currency in which change is affected these days is through focused, change initiatives called projects.

Our Institute of Project Management Training Solutions


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