Last Roll

The Last Roll of Kodachrome

Digital photography has made such enormous strides in creating high resolution images, that it has made chemical film obsolete. Famous international photographer, Steve McCurry, secured the last roll of Kodachrome photographic film coming off the Kodak production line after 75 years on the market.

Steve set out on a project to create some iconic pictures that pay tribute to the history of the film. Here are some thoughts and photos Steve shared after the project was completed.

“I think most of my best photographs were shot on Kodachrome. When I realized this was coming to an end, I wanted to have the last chapter in the book of Kodachrome. When I loaded the last film of Kodachrome into my camera, it was kind of a weird feeling, because I had done it thousands and thousands of time … it was a bit strange, nostalgic, a bit of remorse that this was the last time I would do that”.

“I worked on so many assignments over the years, and I wanted this to be something for me, something for my heart, something that spoke to me personally. When you’ve got only 36 frames, you want to make each one special – each picture has to count.”

Steve decided to shoot iconic personalities and take on a series of portraits – starting with Robert De Niro in New York, moving to Mumbai, India, shooting slums and celebrities, bustling cities and rural nomadic shepherds.

He reduced the risk of making mistakes by first scouting scenes and composition with his digital Nikon D3x, and then shooting with the Nikon F6 on film, even putting it on a tripod at times – probably not quite the workflow he was used to from back in the days – but sure to capture the last perfect images with the iconic Kodachrome film.

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