Software Development: Function Point Analysis
By Ad Sparrius
Progress in all scientific and engineering fields has been closely coupled to accurate measurements of basic phenomena. Without the ability to measure voltage, current and impedance, there could be no electrical engineering. Software tries to be the only exception. When the Danish astronomer Ole Rømer first attempted to measure the speed of light, his results only indicated 225 000 km/s which differs from today’s value of 299 793 km/s by 25%. However, prior to Rømer’s publication in 1676 most scientists thought that the speed of light was infinite. Even Rømer’s incorrect result started scientists along an extremely useful path. - Capers Jones, Applied Software Measurement – Assuring Productivity and Quality

Project replanning - points in a process mode
Project replanning in a decade of change
By Helen S Cooke
No one likes to talk about replanning. We all know it occurs, but people do not discuss it very much because it implies error. Not necessarily yours or mine, but “someone’s” error. Somebody was not looking far enough in advance. Someone was not getting the proper “facts” before taking action.


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