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It has been said that good leadership is what happens when the leader is not there.

But I think good leadership is what happens when you are there. Good management is what happens when you are not there. Leaders must take the lead. They must be visible and audible. Upfront.

Take the example of the game of rugby. The captain of a rugby team could hardly be a good leader if he was sitting in the grandstand. He has to be on the field, rallying his team to put in more effort if they are losing, or inspiring them to play even harder if they are winning. A good leader has to be there.
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Professional engineers and the general public expressed confusion and outrage when the finding of the inquest into the Injaka Bridge Collapse was announced on 13 November 2006. Over eight years has elapsed since the collapse that killed 14 people in July 1998.

The inquest magistrate Ms J E Serfontein surprisingly found that "none of the deaths were brought about by any act or omission prima facie involving or amounting to an offence on the part of any person. This Office does not intend prosecution in the matter.

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