Benchmark Your Organisational PM Maturity

How does the management of your projects stack up against the world leaders? What are the best practices that your organisation should implement to generate a stream of consistently successful projects?

In these tough economic times we are experiencing, it is appropriate for top management to reflect on what strategic objectives need to be identified to become more competitive in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. A strategic objective could be - “To align our organisation’s project management endeavours with global best practices resulting in consistently successful projects.”

A business driver is a brief statement that defines clearly and specifically the desired business outcomes (strategic objectives) of the organization along with the necessary activities to reach them. In other words, it transforms strategy into results.

A business driver to achieve the foregoing objective could be – “To increase our program management maturity by 20% before 30 June 2010 by implementing an OPM3 assessment intervention commencing 1 August 2009.”

What is OPM3? It is an acronym for Organizational Project Management Maturity Model. Organizational project management is the systematic management of projects, programs, and portfolios to achieve an organization’s strategic goals.

It is a standard developed under the stewardship of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is delivered through a convenient online database of best practices and capabilities. OPM3 provides:

  • Knowledge about organizational project management, organizational project management maturity, and what constitutes best practices in organizational project management;
  • The ability to perform an Assessment of the current state of organizational project management maturity;
  • Assistance to organizations who wish to identify a path for Improvement and embark upon improvement that increases its project management maturity.

It is through these three interlocking elements Knowledge, Assessment and Improvement— that OPM3 can enable an organization to improve its ability to achieve its strategic goals.

OPM3 permits benchmarking of assessment data. This allows users to gain insight into peer organizations' maturity continuum scores and best practices, achieved with average, mean and median reports. Organizations may also track their performance currently and over time as improvements are executed. OPM3 benchmarking data is anonymous and will be available to those organizations that participate in the collection and sharing of the data.

ProjectPro offers consulting services to assist organisations to implement assessments and improvements. Contact Terry Deacon on 082 557 3119 or email

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