SACPCMP Validation

ProjectPro is First Private Institution to be Validated
by the SACPCMP

Analysis of registrations as Professional Construction Project Managers (PrCPM) through the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) reveals a disturbing trend. Since the inception of the SACPCMP some 8 years ago there was initially strong growth in the total number of registrations which peaked at 3 418 in 2009, but has leveled off over the past three years (see graph).

Is the tapering off of registrations due to:

  • most CPM’s already being registered
  • the recessionary economic climate
  • unawareness of the need to register?

SACPCMP reports that there are currently many people practicing in the industry as Construction Project Managers and Construction Managers without being registered with the SACPCMP as required by Act 48 of 2000, so there are clearly many more practitioners to be registered. In their annual report the SACPMP undertake to correct this through a proactive education and awareness programme directed at government departments across all the three tiers and in the private sector.

As part of the latter initiative, ProjectPro has developed a Construction Project Management short course which has been validated by SACPCMP (no. SACPCMP/CPD/12/023) to assist prospective Construction Project Managers to pass the SACPCMP Test of Professional Competency and the Professional Interview in order to be awarded the PrCPM credential. ProjectPro’s 3-day Construction Project Management course, validated for 5 CPD points,will be of interest to the following practitioners:

  • Prospective Construction Project Managers wishing to register with SACPCMP as PrCPM
  • Candidate Construction Project Managers wishing to register in future as a PrCPM
  • PrCPM’s who wish to obtain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to retain their PrCPM status
  • Anyone who wishes to obtain a better understanding of Construction Project Management

Practitioners who are not experienced enough to apply for the PrCPM may register as Candidates. The standard candidature period is three years from the date of registration as a candidate or as recommended by the assessors. To upgrade to PrCPM, the applicant needs to submit a signed logbook annually that demonstrates experience and expertise acquired under supervision or tutelage of a registered professional in the category registered for. After assessment of the three signed logbooks, if found competent, the candidate will be recommended for the Professional Interview.

Another disturbing current trend is that most candidates do not upgrade to professional status. They fail to upgrade because they are not properly mentored in all competency areas required for this purpose. The mentorship work environment is structured differently from company to company hence the anomaly of most candidates failing to upgrade as they have limited experience and exposure to all phases of a project life cycle.

Another problem is that some registered candidates do not upgrade due to neglecting to submit their logbooks annually or in the required three year period. Lastly, the uneven numbers of registered persons per provinces (Gauteng has 43% of the registered PrCPM’s) poses challenges for candidates in accessing registered persons that can mentor them in the category they have applied for and in their work location.

SACPCMP faces challenges with regard to registration cancellations especially in cases where people have dual registration within the built environment and when they are not practicing substantially in a given field hence they tend to cancel that registration. Another factor that affects the industry is unemployment, especially for those at candidature level, which leads to cancellation of registration.

The SACPCMP have not prosecuted anyone who has been operating illegally as a PrCPM yet, as they need to have their Identification of Work reviewed by the Competitions Commission. The SACPCMP will be the first Built Environment Council to be tested by the Competition Commission regarding the acceptability of the process.

So, unregistered Construct Project Managers beware, as the SACPCMP could soon be taking legal action.

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