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ProjectPro E-zine (Electronic Magazine) and ProjectPro Electronic Newsletter offer various options for your advertisements. These include banners, buttons, customised, sponsorships etc Ė all in full colour. See Advertising options and conditions for details. All advertisement options can have a click-through facility linking readers to either your website or e-mail address. The following rates apply:




Tel: +27 (0)12 346-6674

Fax: +27 (0)12 346-6675




excl. VAT


excl VAT


No of units

ProjectPro website


Banner (top of page)








Button (bottom of page)






(E-mailed to subscribers monthly)

Banner (top of page)

Per issue


R1 500


Button (in body of newsletter

Per issue




Customised advert

Per column cm






Sponsored article



R5 000


PM Services

  • Directory of Services
  • Recruitment

Per column cm





Calendar of events

Per insertion







VAT at 14%


GRAND TOTAL: (Please note: payment for advertising must be made in advance. Advertisements will be placed on receipt of payment only.)



  • Advertisements to be e-mailed in electronic format ready for placement; or ProjectPro can arrange for design at R250 per hour.
  • All rates exclude VAT.
  • ProjectPro reserves the right to change advertising rates without notice.

    Thank you for your interest in online advertising with ProjectPro. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any additional information



NAME (in block letters)  _____________________________________

Order/C.I. number __________________Date _______________________

Company name _________________________________________________

Postal Address ____________________________________________

_________________________Postal code ______________________

ACCOUNTS CONTACT PERSON  ________________________________

Accounts tel _________________________________________         

Accounts fax _____________________________________________                

E-mail __________________________________________________

Commencement date for advert_______________________________

Full name of authorising person_______________________________

Position __________________________________________________


NB: Please complete details on Advertising Order Forms Part 1 & 2 and fax it back to us timeously at +27 (0)12 346-6675 to place an advertisement, regardless of supplying us with separate placing instructions.


Advertising options:

  1. Banner advertisement
  2. Banner is placed at top of frame

    Banner size: 468 X 60 pixels

    Banner rotates every five seconds

    Hyperlink to advertiserís website or e-mail can be included.

  3. Button advertisement
  4. Button is placed at bottom of frame

    Button size: 150 x 40 pixels

    Banner rotates every five seconds

    Hyperlink to advertiserís website or e-mail can be included.

  5. Customised advertisements
  6. Customised advertisements can be any size based on a standard column screen width of 15 cm and any length paid for in centimetres

    Adverts to be e-mailed to ProjectPro in MS-Word or Rich Text format.

  7. Sponsorships
  8. Articles may be sponsored by companies who are associated with the content of the article. The companyís advertisement (approx. 15cm wide by 25 cm long) will appear prior to readers accessing the article.

    Hyperlink to advertiserís website or e-mail can be included

  9. PM Services
  10. There are two sections to PM Services (Listings are in alphabetical order)

    5.1 Directory of Services

    1. Companies may list their products or services as follows:
    2. Company logo
    3. Company Name
    4. Description of product or service
    5. Offices with contact details

    5.2 Recruitment

    Employment offered and wanted advertisements may be placed here

  11. Calendar of Events
  12. Advertise your conference, seminar, or event here. Maximum length is 3 cm.

Advertising conditions

ProjectPro e-zine is published on the ProjectPro website: by Project Publishing cc 1991/00663/23. In addition to the e-zine, an electronic monthly newsletter, will be e-mailed to subscribers.

  • Advertisements for placement must be forwarded in electronic format via e-mail to OR advertisers can arrange with Project Publishing for design of advertisements at R250/hour (excl VAT).
  • In the unlikely event of not being able to place booked/paid advertising, Project Publishing undertakes to refund money paid and accepts no responsibility for any consequential losses arising therefrom.
  • Finalization of the e-newsletter cannot be delayed by late delivery of advertisements. When advertisements are overdue, Project Publishing reserves the right to repeat the previous advertisement or substitute advertisement. It is the advertiserís or agentís responsibility to ensure Project Publishing receives advertisements on time. We do not accept responsibility for material not received timeously. Instructions must clearly indicate if new material must be used. Project Publishing accepts no responsibility for corruption of advertisements in the process of being sent electronically.


    Payment for advertising must be made in advance. Advertisements will be placed on receipt of payment only.


Only written cancellations will be accepted (e-mail or fax). Cancellations that are made one week or more prior to advertising booking date, will be subject to a 30% charge of the advert value, thereafter a 50% charge.


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